According to Arron Beck, the "stronger person is no the one making the most noise but the one who can quietly direct the conversation toward defining and solving problem."

We know that there are lots of difficulties in life and not everyone could afford expensive psychotherapy. We wish to contribute part of our profit to Heartland Fund for community education and psychotherapy.  

根據Arron Beck的說法:「堅強的人不是發出最多聲音的人,而是可以悄悄地將對話引導至定義和解決問題的人。」


Past records 記錄:

- DRUMBEAT therapy for clinically depressed clients in an NGO


- A tailor-made workshop for Hong Kong Anti-Council Society


- SEN Talk for Yuen Long Kam Kong Church 


- DRUMBEAT social skills training group for SEN students in a secondary school


- Subsidized psychotherapy for PTSD clients